About the wrath category


Politics, religion, and cycling



Is this category only for end user posts or will BB editors use it as well?


Yeah, it’s kind of apropos considering what happens every time a cycling topic crops up, though. :laughing:

@Israel_B : The way things are going now, it seems like Boing will be the category for Boing Boing posts. Looks like mutli-category posts are not yet a thing and possibly might never be a thing. Which, keeping with a forum motif, is largely a good thing as far as I’m concerned (more opinions available on a new thread or PM … offtopic here). The metaphor may get a little strained when dealing with some Boing Boing posts vs BBS categories. I guess we’ll see.


These categories are for users only (as the wordpress>BBS mechanism feed the boing category directly) to provide organization to user-created threads. However, I think as time goes by, it might be cool to do something more elaborately integrated.

The implied end-game of that, though, is that BBS or BB will have to mirror the other’s categories. And the problem is that BB uses a myriad of tags rather than subject-based categories. Our categories refer to type of media (post, longread, audio, video) rather than what it’s about. But BBS is “all posts”, in general, and has different objectives.


Will this potentially be somewhere for mods to split off-topic chunks of threads that have become big balls of bile?


I don’t think bile is desirable anywhere in any category. If you have toxic waste in a community, you don’t sweep it under a rug somewhere, you clean it up superfund style.

(Also @beschizza the category definition topics should contain the category name as in “category definition for wrath” vs. “category definition”, otherwise you have n topics with the same name which is Generally a Bad Thing and on top of that, Google really does not like pages that have the same title.)


I heard they send out Kristallnacht style assassination teams for such indiscretions.


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