It's Johnny Cash's birthday!

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The best song you’ll listen to today:


@SeamusBellamy I really like that you put Cash in frame with The Clash, The Pogues, and James. I have long maintained a perspective that A. musically-speaking, punk ≠ hardcore (although, the latter occupies a considerably important portion of punk’s music), and B. Johnny Cash was punk as fuck! (Seriously? Concert Live at Folsom Prison? Fuckyeah!) I see those three bands as punk (or at least The Pogues are punk-ish :), while I find the other two unambiguously punk )

Also, Cash’s cover of Reznor’s “Hurt” has been running through my head this week, so good on you for sharing his birthday.


An excellent cover of ‘Ring of Fire’ from the Scottish bluegrass partyband Swamptrash:

Play it loud!

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Man in black can never be out done, it’s just that good, and timeless.


I was just thinking about Ring of Fire recently, because of an, um, uncomfortable medical condition


Happy birthday, Man in black.

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as a young punk in the 80s I “walked the line” of hating country music.

Until my friend who was the singer of an Austin metal band told me that the song they played “Big River” was actually a Johnny Cash song.

No saint, but one of the good guys.


Also Fats Domino (90 years ago today), Jimmy Garrison

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Much respect to Johnny Cash. I also grew up not liking Country, but learned the difference between what we call today Country vs the old school stuff. It’s still not a genre i generally go out of my way to listen to but Cash is timeless and real, shame we don’t have him around causing trouble for The Man.

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A good night to watch Shakespeare Was A Big George Jones Fan, the doc about Jack Clements, but just as much about Johnny.

Lovely, heart delighting playful Johnny at his most mischievous. Happy Bday, ol boy


And likely high as kite


Listening to Johnny on my commute just now. A version of Will The Circle Be Unbroken with him and June from a BBC appearance came up and I almost started bawling for the first time since my father died.

Fact is it always impressed me how Johnny sang of his faith and of redemption in a way that made me believe he believed.


Saw that episode on Japanese cable tv

I think it has one of the best versions of ‘I saw the light’ in it.

(It also added ‘try some squirrel chilli’ to my list, but that’s really neither here nor there.

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