It's not always easy being a trans lady at the queer zine fair

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I finished this game with the same $20 I started it with. And flashbacks to every Uncomfortable Queer Art Happening I’ve ever been at. This is a pretty spot-on caricature.


It looks fun and thought-provoking…but am I the only one who’s bothered by the grammar and spelling problems? Or maybe those are intentional.

Is it a trap to target you for “grammarshaming”?

I try to avoid those useless back and forths but I can’t help judging slapdash writing (beyond mobile posts… My autocorrect is terrible.)

Does using the urinal when the cisgendered ladies laugh at you count as a misgender?

At the end it said I was misgendered three times but only remember two.

yeah, it was intentional… i guess?
the whole thing looked a lot more like a tumblr shit post when i first made it and i was pretty ok with that. But I spent like a full day cleaning it up, fixing spelling errors, grammar and spacing… but its still not perfect… but it’s a zine… so you know… punk rock!(?)!


There are 3 different tables where you can get misgendered (BoyZine, TransBro & SexToys).
The cis ladies laughing at the idea of women with dicks will lower your moral, but doesn’t effect the misgender variable… although IRL it could…

OK thanks for clearing that up

And now I feel kinda dumb because when I went and played it I didn’t even notice the spelling errors. It was so interesting, so thought-provoking, that all I could really focus on was how hard it was to keep from spending money at every single place.

Thanks for creating it!

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Really, playing it is so much fun that I didn’t notice the errors. Thank you for making this. <3

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I have nothing original or constructive to add except a hearty Thanks for comin’ over!

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