'It's Time to Break Up Google' - Lunduke Show

This is dumb, like really dumb. He makes a single point that is actually an example of quasi-legal monopoly (Chrome OS), and about 40% of the video’s time is dedicated to complaining about Google selectively censoring free speech which he also misrepresents.

Majority market share =/= monopoly, it is a fundamental flaw in capitalism. For example, a few years ago over 70% of the Internet was on HP servers. His claims about Google being “by far” the largest company in the world is objectively false by every measure, and it only became the most valuable brand this year (2017) taking over Apple (2011) which overtook Exxon. I am not going to research his other numbers when out of hand I can find several flaws to his data, and I know that YT doesn’t just mark things as “not suitable for all advertisers” for being offensive. This video is a hack job.


Given I am largely uninformed feeling please educate me. I bring the video up purely for the sake of discussion.

However on the chrome OS point? Personal experience has pointed at ‘OK this is essentially a browser and some utilities to allow me to get the thing on the internet.’ However as soon as I could I flashed the thing with linux and did as I pleased.

Can’t let logic and research get in the way of a bout of polemical diarrhea. /s

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Well the OS is only a monopoly if there is a development platform on it (I think), but I know very little about Chrome OS or if there is third party development for it. I think the entire point of the product is to dramatically lower the cost of cheap hardware.

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