The problem isn't that Facebook is creepy, it's that it's creepy AND HUGE

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I’ve been giving some thought to how to break up Big Tech lately

Any such effort would have to start with a serious shift in thinking on the part of the FTC concerning what makes a company a monopoly. In an age where cutting-edge services are often offered at no monetary cost, anti-trust efforts have to start recognising that a monopolistic company can do damage in other ways than financially gouging customers or stifling innovation.


I think it’s gonna take some litigation from the likes of MeWe, Mammoth, et al - which will likely be crushed by Facebook lawyers before ever reaching an open hearing. But god, I’d love to see them file.

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That’s why we need pro-competitive policies that give power back to Americans through more rights and control over their data.

This is what its about. We just need to flip this so that our data, and anything derivative from our data belongs to ourselves, and you can’t use it without explicit and incremental permission, and the penalties for breaking that must be onerous.

A new amendment, followed by a huge data purge by all the companies that profile us. Wipe the slate clean, start over with the rules on the side of the individual.


Its not the individual records which matter so much as the connections between those records, and that scales to an enormous degree. Its N^C where N is the number of users and C is the number of connections a typical user has to other users.

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merely enforcing existing law (and consent decrees) would probably do a lot. the ftc has been massively underwhelming in it’s responses to companies transgressions

Size is a problem. But only because of the data they hoover and the lousy way the use (or abuse) it.

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