J. Kenji López-Alt shows how to cook perfect boiled eggs

Why worry about rolling in the egg down the slope of a wok when you can simply lower them into the boiling water with a table spoon? This is the way I learned to do it from my family.
One thing he doesn’t mention is peeling them under water. I have found that to be effective to prevent the shell from sticking, but I haven’t done any scientific experiments to prove it.

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“T1000, from the maker of rollie.”

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I steam my eggs. Boil an inch of water in the bottom of a covered pot with a steamer basket in it. Whether you add two eggs or a dozen the cooking time doesn’t change because the temperature inside the pot doesn’t change.


I wonder about regional differences in eggs.

German here:
We use basically the same method but just with more water and even shocking the eggs under cold water to stop the protein coagulation on time.

But after 5min30sec for a regular M sized egg the white is already hard while the yellow is still liquid but not slimey. (Add 20 seconds for an L sized)

A twelve minute egg will be rock solid hard boiled with a crumbling egg yolk.

So the “time table” for desired outcome is quite different.

Genau viereinhalb Minuten. Nach Gefühl.


My thoughts exactly. People act like cooking acts is a perfectly repeatable science, but it depends on the age & size of the eggs, your altitude, and all sorts of other variables never mentioned in videos and blog posts. You have to find what works for you in your circumstances.

None of the times listed in that video match the results I get in my kitchen with my eggs. So I have my own heuristics, like everyone else.

And I still don’t get why some people have so much trouble peeling eggs. That’s a total mystery to me.


I’ve had issues the last few times i made boiled eggs and tried peeling them, and while i don’t make boiled eggs a ton i know what i’m doing. I’ve noticed sometimes the eggs just don’t want to separate nicely, other times it’s not an issue at all. I usually use older eggs which should separate from the shell easier but it is what it is.

+1000 on the pasturizing.

For some reason raw egg yolks jack up my GI tract, but after 2h at 130F I’m loving all of the ensuing aioli, hollandaise, caesar dressing and all of that.

Mr Lopez-Alt’s website goes into depth on time/temperature for food safety and egg texture.

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