Jacob Appelbaum, Tor developer and Wikileaks staffer, resigns amid sex abuse claims

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That’s a depressing way to start the day.

But even if a person is a rock star in an important field, even if potential victims are distrustful of LEO, the only way we are going to change our culture of abuse is to not keep it secret. Nobody wants to be the standard bearer for dismantling the patterns of sexual violence because they themselves were abused, but history will repeat itself until we learn. In this case secrecy doesn’t help.

This fucking sucks on so many levels.


This is nothing but a JTRIG operation in progress. Until accusers are verified as people that actually exists, I see this as institutional slander.

I’m not dismissing sexual assault, but in this particular case, this man has been targeted previously, and what is happening now is straight out of the Snowden slides.

Until there is a verifiable public accusation, I can only assume this is another disinformation operation.


Do we know yet who the accusers are? This is so similar to another case involving Wikileaks.

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What exactly is he accused of? I am not understanding from the article or the Wired article. (Also, seriously, Wired? 3 pop ups while trying to view this?)

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TOR is trying to slander him? To what ends?

Who profits?


It’s similar to a lot of cases because unfortunately human nature is immutable and men can’t keep their goddamn dicks in their pants.

I’m not saying he did anything. I’m saying it’s perfectly plausible that he did because that sort of thing has happened like a trillion times before.


No, that is definitely not the case. The endgame of “Social Justice” is justice. There are some confused people who’ve decided to attribute alternate motives, but they’re just confused, hostile, and motivated to slander.


No, the US gvmt is trying to slander him by proxy, with plants in the Tor project and pseudonymous allegations

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Oh, I see you’ve applied Occam’s razor, already.


"The scope of the JTRIG’s mission includes using “dirty tricks” to “destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt” enemies by “discrediting” them, planting misinformation and shutting down their communications.[2][3] Known as “Effects” operations, the work of JTRIG had become a “major part” of GCHQ’s operations by 2010.[2] The slides also disclose the deployment of “honey traps” of a sexual nature by British intelligence agents"

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So you’re saying that either Andrea Shephard is a plant, or she is the willing dupe of plants?


Presumption of innocence trumps Occam’s Razor.

If you prefer Occam’s Razor, you end up with “If they are charging him, the simplest explanation is that he’s guilty.”

No. It is an unintended side effect of “Social Justice”.

Being “definitely not a criminal” is considered a requirement for his previous job. And whenever requirements like that creep in, you can kiss “innocent until guilty” goodbuy, because an alleged crime will be punished by job loss and public shaming before guilt and innocence is ever determined.


Presumption of innocence is one thing. Immediately stepping to, “…and it’s an elaborate plot against JA run collectively by at least three national governments” is where things appear to go awry.


I stumbled across this over the weekend and was wondering when it would pop up on BB. It’s going to take me awhile to get my head around.


I can’t seem to find this site, and I’d like to, to hear that side of the story.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




This is an admission, not a denial. He denies doing ‘criminal’ things then says ‘inevitably’ there were times he ‘hurt or offended others’ feelings.’

I’m sure he’s using a very minimal definition of ‘criminal’ and a maximal definition of hurting feelings. I bet a lot of those ‘hurt feelings’ were in creepy sexual ways. After all, why bring them up in this context otherwise?

People in the Tor community have come forward and said he’s been creepy. Hell, I’ve heard things about him years ago, and it’s only because I have mutual IRL acquaintances with him.

Someone clever enough to write this kind of veiled admission note is also clever enough to know people will start talking about ‘honeytrap’ conspiracies. He knows he’s making a hostile environment for the people he harassed to come forward.

And as an LGBT person myself I really resent the mention of being LGBT in the message. No, it’s not ‘inevitable’ that you’ll behave in a way that will ‘hurt or offend others’ feelings’ just because you’re LGBT. His implication is offensive.

Appelbaum repeatedly propositions people for sex, even after they’ve said no. That’s not criminal. But it’s super-creepy. He needs to understand this. If folks keep excusing him, or worse, say this is a honeytrap, he’s going to keep on doing this.



A website, whose URL includes Appelbaum’s name, was launched this week
purportedly containing first-hand accounts of assaults committed by him.
Tor Project developer Andrea Shepard shared the website via her Twitter
account on Friday, commenting, “Turns out credit isn’t the only thing
he grabbed,” a reference to separate allegations raised by Tor employees
that Appelbaum had assumed credit for their work.

(although if she did share it, looks like she removed it again)


We need to dismantle the myth that an individual can be such a genius, or so famous, that they’re irreplaceable. Once someone gains that aura, they become so resistant to accusation that it takes extraordinary evidence or an extraordinary number of victims to come forward before they can be removed from the position that enables abuse.

The mere fact that so many people’s knee-jerk reaction to this news is to claim government conspiracy suggests that it’s worth spreading this man’s power out among more people, to, even if no abuse has already occurred, remove the need to see him as an unimpeachable figure.

After all, if someone is enough of an asshole or abuser that they drive other people out of their field, it’s unlikely that they can do enough good to make up for the good their victims would have done.