App to record sexual consent in the blockchain will be used to discredit sexual assault survivors

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Idiotic, and just what I’d expect from Libertarian crypto-bros who reduce every-bloody-thing in life to an economic transaction. It’s no wonder they eventually find themselves in MRA or Incel or (if they’re “lucky”) PUA forums.


This cannot be stressed enough.


Our dystopia just got more rapey.


Really, this needs to be integrated with a voice command interface.

“Siri, record sexual consent.”
“I have recorded that you have consented to sexual activity with the owner of John’s iPhone 8. Enjoy yourself.”
<creak creak>
"Mmmm …"
“Uhhhh …”
“Oooh … hey, wait, what happened to the condom?”
“What? Oh, I took it off … I thought we could …”
“You did WHAT!?!?”
“Oh, c’mon babe, don’t be like that. I’ll be really careful, I promise.”
“I cannot believe this shit!”
“I just --”
“SIRI! Cancel sexual consent, NOW!”
“I’m sorry. I thought I heard you say ‘Sell me a ten-cent cow.’ Is this correct?”
“NO! I withdraw consent! STOP!”
“I have found one store named ‘Dawkins Tent Shop’ in your area. Would you like me to read you the address?”


If you think that this sexual consent blockchain will solve a problem for you, then you haven’t identified your actual problem.


Exactly. The one thing it does is provide immutable, irrefutable proof that the app user is a jerk you should never, ever have sex with.


Google Red insists that my daughter isn’t part of my family because my Google account is irrevocably set as a UK account…

…and they just sold that information to ICE. Welcome to Trump’s America!


Ah, so it does serve a useful purpose after all …


I’m at a loss for words

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as if sexual activity were binary?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The grotesque imaginary problems this app addresses are 1) women are inveterate liars about consent; and 2) false accusations of rape abound.


For fucking fuck’s sake. These assholes, in an attempt to codify consent, are just proving they don’t understand how consent works. Well, with any luck, everyone will just ignore this.

Or the rapeyness of our dystopia just got more codified, at least.

Yeah. I like the tea-drinking analogy (you may be offered a cup of tea, accept it and then decide you don’t want to drink it at any time; accepting tea doesn’t mean you want coffee; drinking tea in the past is no indicator of wanting tea now, etc.). This system is creating a paper trail for tea-acceptance but when you subsequently decline it, claiming that someone forcibly pouring the tea down your gullet was your own tea-drinking choice.


“Judge, we’d like to call Alexa to the stand as witness.”


I feel like the analogy lacks something in the multi-partyness of the activity. Perhaps a cooperative board game might be better? Maybe that’s less universal than drinking tea. Obviously, don’t force people to do things they don’t want to. If the game sucks, you don’t have to play it through to the finish. If other people aren’t enjoying the game, you might be able to make their experience enjoyable. In fact, it might be that your behavior is what is making the game suck. Communication, cooperation, and enjoyment for all parties is what cooperative games are about.


Why the fuck does everything have to have some crypto/blockchain functionality or link now?


Other problems with this:

It is completely one sided. Absence of a blockchain “contract” can’t prove lack of consent. So the only purpose of this is to protect people accused of assault. If made up assault claims were a serious problem, then it would have some merit. But no, that is not real.

Second, like most other “use blockchain to track X” proposals, this ignores the fact that a blockchain only “solves” the problem of having an immutable public log without a shared authority. It doesn’t make that log reflect the real world in any way. If you try to use a blockchain to track real world events, whether sexual consent or fedex deliveries, the existence of the log does not prove that the real world action it represents actually happened.


We can argue if this is advisable but I think it’s inevitable that consent will eventually be codified and enforced in a storable ,traceable and reproducible fashion.
Especially when the powerful can use it to protect their reputation and treasure.
Hopefully this will also involve the ability to withdraw consent in a similar manner but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.
Either way they won’t care if it works as long as it works for them.


Because, you know, the programmers who thought up this app were having SO MUCH SEX. Like, is it even possible to create a blockchain structure robust enough to handle all the consensual sex these guys were having?


That’s it, thread’s over, man, thread’s OVER!