James Burke’s new project aims to help us deal with change, think connectively, and benefit from surprise


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alright boingboing, you finally did it, you finally made me want to buy an app.


I’ve never contributed to a Kickstarter before, but this is a mighty tempting one (even though it will doubtless consign me to science-and-tech version of TVtropes’ endless clickHell). Is there any way for me to request that the app icon incorporate Burke’s groovy '70s eyeglasses?




If I am not mistaken, the app will account for this and avoid both scenarios. I’ll ask the dev team and see what they say.


In 1995 I wrote a screenplay that contained ideas very much stimulated by the original Connections series. It never got produced (and over the years other things that did get produced sort of ‘overtook’ it, but I had a lot of fun living in that world, even if it was just myself there, so thank you, James Burke, for getting so many gears turning.


The fact that James Burke is still alive and active is a beacon of hope in these times.


The dude looks good and healthy, too.


I still have all 3 Connections series on VHS including the first series I had to record straight from PBS back in the 80’s.

One of the only reason to keep a VHS machine around other than my original Star Wars recording from laserdisc.


I still recommend the original Connections series to my students who are interested in history. I am so getting this. :smiley:

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