Jane Austen to grace £10 notes


It's only worth $2.50 because he's half human




Hate to nitpick, but specie does not refer to paper money.


As long as its not the milk snatcher.


QEII will still be on the currency long after she "pops her clogs", at least on the coinage, which tends to have a much longer shelf life than notes, the original 5 pence coin (1968-2008) was the same size, shape and weight as the old one shilling coin, and it was not uncommon to find a pre 1953 coin with George VI on it in your change.


She doesn't count, because, as someone so aptly put it, she's there because she came out of the correct vagina. Not because she did something.


Hey, green is a color!


Man that is one fine piece of work ... too good to waste on mere currency. But with so much recent currency looking like the backpage ads in kiddie comix, it's a welcome relief.


1968-1989... the smaller 5ps were first minted in 1990.

The larger 5ps, 10ps, and 50ps look comically large to my eyes nowadays, even though they're what I grew up with, although the decimal half-penny still looks amazingly small!


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