Jane Austen is the face of Britain's new £10 note


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I remember it being Darwin when I was in the UK, and being so happy there was a place that would put scientists on the currency. Kinda wished they’d gone with Rosalind Franklin here instead, but, hey, this works.


In with “Pence and Sensibility” before anyone else gets to it.


We’ve also had George Stephenson on the £5, Michael Faraday on the £20 and James Watt is on the current £50 note.


Perhaps Franklin and Hodgkin could replace Smith on the £20.


I was hoping for Marx and Engels, just to piss off the right wingers.


Which would piss them off more, do you think? Communists on the money, or a Prussian and a German on the money?



I don’t know if it was in wide circulation, or more of a novelty, but my girlfriend at the time, having noted how enamored I was with the 10 pound Darwin note, later sent me a 2 pound Darwin coin.

Of course, these days I can’t even keep track of all the stuff that’s getting put on the U.S. quarter, but still no scientists that I know of.



Baldrick: What, Jane Austen’s a man?

Black Adder: Of course – a huge Yorkshireman with a beard like a rhododendron bush.


As a very infrequent visitor to the UK I find this regular changing of banknotes irritating.
I always have a few left over which I then find are no longer legal tender when I visit again.


Jane Austen? Why not Reginald Dyer? Getting rid of 'furriners is the new theme of british politics after all.



Jane Austen is not “the face of Britain’s new £10 note”.

She’ll appear on the Bank of England’s notes, widely circulated in England and Wales and accepted in Scotland, but Scotland has its own £10 notes (that’s notes - plural). If we extend it beyond Britain to the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland has its own £10 notes too.

As may have been mentioned, England =/= the UK.

Coins are issued for the whole UK. Apparently 3 4 million of that design were minted, and they’re still in use.


And they photoshopped her portrait.


I was pleased to see this when I was in Serbia a couple years ago: https://goo.gl/images/52kLjZ


They’ve already got a German on the currency. And the stamps…


I’ve taken a look online and apparently, the currency goes: linguist, writer/philosopher, musicologist, scientist, painter, scientist, financier/philantropist, scientist, jurist/politician.


Tesla was the only one I recognized.


It’s cool but I kind of hoped they’d get Kate Beaton to produce the portrait


This makes me so happy. I want to get one.