The new £50 notes will feature Alan Turing (whilst HMG proposes bans on Turing complete computers AND working crypto)

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My suggestion of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels has been rejected again.

Hardly anyone will see this anyway, £50 notes are rarely seen in circulation and some shops refuse to accept them. It’s not a fitting tribute to Alan Turing.


In my 39 years I’ve only ever seen a £50 note once, and it had necessitated a trip to the bank specially to get it


So much for all those Arduinos, much less Raspberry Pi systems. In fact, I think most of the appliances in my home (washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven) would be illegal.

On the other hand, this would do wonders for my Microchip stock – I don’t think the lockdown they want is possible for the small, cheap microcontrollers so the 32-bit ones will have a huge spike in sales. Net volumes might be down some but the dollar volume will be way up.


Still yet to see a (Scottish) £100 note. I’m not even sure if they’re still issued.

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…and then you get some big corps screwing over simple devices
that unsubscribe you


Alan Turing was a genius, but his own people reject his brilliance simply because of who he loved.

I am straight but I spent the evening yesterday getting some drinks in a gay bar with girlfriend. They are people no different than anyone else, if anything better than the general populace because they are innately more accepting of difference.

I feel ashamed that I live in this world sometimes because everyone around me is so arbitrarily judgemental


Babbage and Lovelace – they fight crime!


The main reason that shops refuse them is because they’re old-style paper notes, and relatively easy to copy, so there are lots of bogus notes around. My partner works the tills in a local supermarket, and she regularly gets kids coming in wanting to buy a few small items, offering a £50 note for something worth less than £5, probably making £30-40 profit on each transaction.
It’s very easy to see why shops refuse them, and it’s likely the new notes will have similar features to the recent plastic £5 and £10 notes, to prevent copying, which should restore confidence in large denomination currency. I think the £20 note is next for updating, the only real issue with the new plastic notes is having to fold them to fit into a wallet, they stay permanently creased, which causes problems with machines that take notes for parking payments


but gchq lets gays backdoor the crypto now, so they’re woke right? #rainbowcapitalism

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wait… there’s no new 50 note? is there a 100 note that’s secure? this seems… really odd. it’s the opposite in the USA (the 1 dollar bills are very old style anything 5 and up has new security features, and they rolled the new features out on 100s, then 50s, then 20s etc)

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They still exist, but they hardly circulate. When you combine the acceptability of high denomination notes and the general problems people outside Scotland have with Scottish notes, then they have very few uses.

The only times I’ve seen them is in the form of a raffle- a £100 note behind a glass frame, with its serial numbers covered- for £1, guess the last 3 digits of the serial number, and win the note.


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