Englands new £5 notes contain animal fat, angering vegans


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How can anybody be surprised about this, what with Churchill on the note.


The obvious rejoinder is that “polymer pellets” are used in just about everything and if you start looking, it will probably be hopeless to find something that is not contaminated with “a trace of tallow”.


It’s England’s (possessive)… but actually, it’s Britain’s…


I demand to only ever touch currency that has never been used to purchase animal products!


So only eat the £1 notes? Or is the taste just not rich enough?


Might be a bit hard on the teeth. We only have £1 coins now. Have not had £1 notes for so long I cannot recall them. Decades?


There’s an easy way out for the UK government: just blame the EU … as usual.


I was expecting the traces of tobacco and whiskey…the tallow was just a nice bonus.


Their nefarious plan becomes clearer!


US bills come with traces of cocaine. Man up, England.


I liked pound notes. They got rid of them in 88, apparently, but the coins were introduced in 83. A year before they got rid of 1/2p coins…


But actually, it’s complicated.


The pound coin is one of my favorite pieces of currency. It just feels right.


I never liked them. Too heavy, and I don’t like carrying shrapnel around. But now I live in the US being stuck with no coins worth more than 25c in common circulation also seems daft.


If you don’t want to use the new Banknotes, don’t use them. Simple as that.

Are you going to mutiny?


My second favorite coin is the Japanese 500 yen piece (around 5USD, depending on the vintage of your nostalgia). Finding one of those in your couch is like a mini payday.


So all you vegans (etc., etc.) who don’t like the new fiver, feel free to send any you have to me.


Speaking of India and banknotes…


The Sepoy Mutiny was my first thought, too. You’d think the British would have learned this lesson by now. Maybe there’s a reason the sun sets on their empire these days.