Harriet Tubman on the $20?


Replacing Andrew Jackson?




God-Man VS Human-Man VS Tub-Man - Tub-man wins!


Not til 2030, I read.


I read that elsewhere.


But people familiar with the matter said new designs for the bills should be ready by 2020.




From actual capital to a symbol of capitalism, you’ve come a long way baby.


It was going to be Hamilton, I blame Big Broadway and their New York Values


f**k andrew jackson


Sounds better in the original Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole, Cherokee. Chippewa, Ottawa, Muskogee and/or Potawatomi.



This is good news. A bit of a twofer, but at least it’s happening. So glad we’re finally breaking the "rule"of presidents and founding father on bills. Maybe we’ll even do what other countries do and issue anniversary bills. I’m still looking forward to seeing the Saturn V on a bill. Preferably a $5 bill.



How Lin-Manuel Miranda taught liberals to love Alexander Hamilton


The white guy gets pushed to the back to make room for a woman of color? It’s Rosa Parks in reverse!

(But seriously why keep him at all he didn’t even like the idea of paper money FFS.)


ramsey white man needs a break

Something tells me that there will soon be more content for the Reverse Racism (topical gif/jpeg bank)


I wonder what she’d make of this.


Glad she’s making it onto the $20, pity they’re keeping Jackson on the bill.


“What do you mean you don’t have change for a 20. Harriet Tubman brought change for everybody!”


I’ll happily adjust my referencing of US 20’s from “Jacksons” to “Tubmans”

I mean shit I already meant Samuel L Jackson anyway, and Harriet Tubman is a vast improvement on my internal improvement.