Japan launches the first Esports high school

I think this kind of misses the role of high school in the Japanese education system. Education is required only from 1st grade through what would be 9th grade in the American school system. (Elementary goes grades 1-6, middle school has grades 1-3). After that, students must apply to the high school of their choice. Either they choose a high school with a university trajectory, or they choose something trade related. To my understanding, students can apply to any high school in the prefecture. In my surrounding area there was a ship building high school, an oral hygienist high school, an agricultural high school, industrial fishing high school, and an early childhood education high school. Schools market themselves on their uniforms and extracurriculars. Students get a lot of support in ninth grade in choosing a career path and prepping for the entrance examinations. I’m sure there’s plenty of teens who’d like to pursue future in e-sports. I see it as no less practical than getting a degree in philosophy. I hope these kids have back up plans, but then that’s a good idea for anybody.


I’m hoping they have majors in coding and design of video games in the package. That at least would provide a path for a lucrative future.


Thinking about how many kids are going to graduate from that school and enter that industry…
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Man if this had been around when I was in school, we wouldn’t have had to stealth-install Doom 2 in the computer lab and sneak in after hours to get in our frag fixes.

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