Japanese researchers study impact of dry air on dispersion of COVID-19 particles

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/19/japanese-researchers-study-impact-of-dry-air-on-dispersion-of-covid-19-particles.html


If only all such droplets were so big.

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As someone who lives where the mantra for 6 months of the year is ‘but it’s a dry cold’… fuck.

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It can’t model pants tho seemingly.


Fellow Edmontontian?


Close! About 6 hours east down the Yellowhead, but same climate.


yah , well , but my filament ( feedstock for my 3d printer ) likes it dry !! and , no-one ever visits me !! in fact , i do not have seating for more than 1 person per room !!
still , interesting , and for general information for others , eh ?

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I am rather confused by what this study is trying to tell us that isn’t what we’ve already known about how every other virus spreads in dry winter air?

It’s one thing to acknowledge that “why winter is flu season” isn’t common knowledge and write an article to change that and point out the same is true for any virus in similar airborne droplets. But to claim it’s new information? I’m going to assume there’s (as usual) a big disconnect between the study and what the press is saying about the study.


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