Jared Leto to play Hugh Hefner in new biopic, Playboy After Dark to be rebooted

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Great to see a creep is gonna play a creep.


How long DOES it take a body to cool?

Is someone working out the final details for the Tom Petty biopic yet?


Well, Leto can continue his habit of sending used condoms to his costars…


I’ve been told that it is impolite to “dose.”


Wow, that’s a step up in the world.

[note sarcasm]

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I’m torn - because though I’m not a fan of the person, actor, singer or musician that is Jared Leto, he goes and creates a series of very good rock climbing videos:

So maybe I have to set aside the person/actor/singer/musician and look at director/producer aspect - at least until he signs on to direct//produce a feature film written and starring himself in 6 different roles.

Oh - and those videos are inexplicably sponsored/co-produced by Budweiser. You’d think Anheuser Busch would at least market this under their craft brew subsids like Goose Island or 10 Barrel to appeal to the hipsters out there.
ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anheuser-Busch_brands#Craft_Ownership

The fact that they are courting Jared Leto instead of MIchael Fassbender is concerning, like they are going for the “more popular” actor instead of one who is just as good, if not better, of an actor who happens to look EXACTLY like a young Hugh Heffner.

Seeing the Dead in that weird venue was awesome. How crazy was that?! The boys playing in Hefner’s “living room”. lol. Crazy!

It’s funny that Playboy is the only thing you add “After Dark” to to make it less sleazy…


I’d guess that this was in the works long before Hefner died. There has been several films on well known porn stars in recent years, so why not on Hefner, who published one of the most well-known pornographic magazines?

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