Jared Leto's Joker Part the Second

Continuing the discussion from Jared Leto's Joker:

Looks like this, apparently:

Didn’t he used to be in The Prodigy?


Overeager Malkavian LARPer. I’ve seen a few back in the day.


I’m agreeing with the comment in the previous part of this thread; I think that we should give Leto (who has done some really interesting roles) a chance. It’s all in the writing; I’d never been a big fan of Harley Quinn, for example, and the post-New 52 version made her look like one of the Suicide Girls, but she’s currently being written very well. And, especially given that the Joker has never been a Suicide Squad villain per se, it’s really interesting that they’re putting him in this movie.


Funniest tweet I have seen on this…


oh wow I can tell this version of the Joker is a real bad dude because his origin story involves falling into a vat of hot topic


Friend’s comment: “Oh hell, They made him a juggalo.”


Makes sense. He’s an insane clown who apparently has a posse.


I’m sure Leto can do a great job with the role. It’s just the costume design I’m less fond of.

The disturbing contrast between the Joker’s dapper dress and psychopathic behavior is an important part of the character. Trying to make him look more “hardcore” actually makes him less hardcore.


Now I’m trying to imagine what Jack Nicholson or Cesar Romero would look like in that getup.

Okay, you know what this design actually makes me think of? One of the try-hard fellas from the Jokers gang in Batman Beyond.

…Wait, that just looks like a typo. Like, not the Joker’s gang, but the gang that calls themselves the Jokers and sticks people up on subways wearing clown makeup.


We don’t know his dress yet. I predict a form fitting suit with some sheen to it.

Clearly they are going for a younger, perhaps edgier. But other than tattoos, he isn’t much different than other renditions of the joker.

I’ll reserve judgment until I see it. This could be like Ledger’s Joker or Cruise’s Lestat.

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Marvel is playing to my inner 10 year old. After the Batman vs Superman trailer, and this, it looks like DC is for my inner 15 year old who listens to Rammstein and plays Warhammer 40k.
So yeah, he looks stupid… but I part of me still thinks he looks cool.


Initial responses to Heath Ledger as the Joker:

Basically, cool your jets until you get see the man act.



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Joker having tats that say “Joker” and “HAHAHAHAHA” and pictures of jokers is sort of like that bit about children’s Incredible Hulk Halloween costumes that I forget where it’s from and now can’t find. (Paraphrasing):

“If you’re supposed to be the Hulk, why are you wearing a yellow plastic bib with a picture of The Hulk on it? Have you ever seen a drawing of The Hulk wearing a drawing of himself under the words ‘THE HULK?’ Yeah, I thought not. Get the fuck out of here.”


I see the tattoos and I immediately thought of Spiderman as an EDM Snapchatting douche. Given that it’s Hollywood and its penchant for cloning ideas, I can’t help but think that someone at WB said, “Sony is making Spiderman an edgy douche! We need some of that!”


I guess that theoretically Cesar Romero’s Joker could have had similar tattoos over most of his body, we just never saw them because he didn’t appear shirtless in public. Even in situations where it really would have made a lot more sense for him to appear shirtless.


This makes no sense. The Joker is supposed to be a sociopath. Therefore, those "HA HA HA"s should be in Comic Sans.


Cesar Romero wore a tailcoat, and Ledger wore a trench coat although it was styled more like a frock coat.

That someone being a hip, cool, 45 year old.