The final trailer for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie ain't nothing to laugh about

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I’m digging the “King of Comedy” vibe, complete with De Niro. Consider my interest piqued.


Spoiler Ending: He ends up being elected POTUS


I still don’t understand how this story is supposed to fit into any timeline involving Batman considering that other trailers have indicated the movie is set before the Waynes were murdered.

Are we to understand Batman has been beating up some 60-to-70-year-old man all this time?


But Donald Trump would never burn his own money. He would invest it in a business and insist that bankrupcy is winning.


I still think Aquaman and Wonder Woman were excellent. WW had some of the DC film making flaws, Aquaman was more like an MCU film to me.

This Joker flick looks intriguing but I find a couple things annoying as hell: 1) I don’t like the idea of ignoring all of Joker’s origin and comic history. One of the things the MCU has done awesomely is to lean on the comic materials fairly heavily. and 2) having it be its own stand alone thing…again, shared universe is the way to go.

Also…$40 for a ticket and popcorn?! Where in the hell do you reside?! ugh.


The trailer, at least, really taps into the zeitgeist of today. So many people living “lives of quiet desperaton.” The rules of success or failure are so Byzantine or misleading. What you are told about how things work, is people’s agendas for what they need or want, without regard for what is good for you. Most of the people who get a really good look behind the curtain go insane, or talk in ways that make them indistinguishable from an insane person. Love is real. Hold onto love. It is the only thing that will get us through.


Also…$40 for a ticket and popcorn?! Where in the hell do you reside?! ugh.

If I want to go see a movie and not deal with everyone talking on their phones, it’s the Drafthouse. $12.25 per ticket, $8 for bottomless popcorn, plus tax and tip. $40 for a night of entertainment for two. Worth every penny.


Poor guy sure gets punched in the face a lot.

Some glimpses there seemed like they might be echoes of Joker’s chat show appearance in The Dark Knight Returns, where he gasses the audience.



If 45 burnt every penny someone loaned him, it would still be a better investment strategy then what he’s been doing.


Yeah. That’s for two. Seamus makes it seem as though it’s $40 for one. At least how I read it.

Which seems super pricey. Even when I’m in LA it’s not that much.

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So that’s why he became a psychopathic mass murderer. I can completely sympathise and relate to him now… :roll_eyes:


The movie is meant to stand alone on its own and not fall into continuity.


It just seems like a weird choice to include the Wayne family in the story at all if they’re going to completely disregard the relationship between Joker and Bruce Wayne/Batman. It’s almost like “what if Kingpin was actually Spider-Man’s high school rival?”


That’s nice Ms.Willianson, really.

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So here is the thing with DC.

They make a film that tries to borrow form the comics and they eff it up because they borrow the wrong elements, or not enough of them (see: BvS: Dawn of Justice).

Or they try to make their own thing and take their own twist and ignore the comics overall and they eff it up (see: Man of Steel).

Or they try to borrow the comics story and get the right bits and pieces but the writing and special effects and such are horrid…and they eff it up (see: WW).

Or they try to world build and connect and it’s still shite…they eff that up too (see: Suicide Squad).

Lastly they sort of get things right and begin to turn it around and everyone says “Hey, maybe they finally haven’t effed anything up!” (see: Aquaman and Shazam)…and then they do this stupidity and take a lynch pin character like the Joker and just confuse the hell out of everyone because…they cannot help but eff things up!!!


NOTE: I actually like man of Steel, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman overall. Just comparing them to the comicology or what Marvel has done…they fall flat comparative. To me Aquaman was the best of the bunch as it relied very very heavily on Geoff Johns run and they just went all in the superhero look and feel.

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Phoenix is an excellent choice. I love to watch that guy, he’s the even better McConaughey.
Yeah, fan here, since his role in The Master. I had never seen anything quite like that.


I thought Wonder Woman was pretty good but they borrowed an awful lot of elements from Captain America: the First Avenger.

  • Period piece set during a World War making liberal use of desaturation filters to remind us that the world was mostly sepia-toned back then
  • A star-spangled superhero with a bulletproof shield infiltrates Germany with an unusually diverse ragtag group of supporting characters to take down a rogue branch of the military running a secret weapons program
  • The final climax involves an American hero named Steve (played by a white guy named Chris) sacrificing himself to destroy an improbably large German airplane filled with potentially city-destroying superweapons

Who would watch a low-budget character piece set in the 80s? no one.
Who would watch an alternative universe Joker origin story? everyone.


Well, thing is it certainly reflected a similar film making and production style as CA:TFA, but it didn’t copy it or anything. Both these characters independently have a long history in the comics regarding their involvement in WWII. In fact for WW they purposefully moved it to WWI to avoid doubling down on what CA had done.

The other things are merely that these characters comicology have always been on a similar path. If you stick to the comics, the similarities are unavoidable.

I like the first 2/3rds of WW…last 1/3rd of the film is forgettable. Overall it was a HUGE LEAP from the garbage the DCEU had done previously.