Jared Leto's Joker


Isn’t “overdoing it in camp fashion” more or less the Joker’s whole M.O.?

Jared Leto may turn out to be a fantastic Joker but I hope it’s not asking too much to expect a smile.

Seems like a pretty clear reference to the cover from the Killing Joke. (I don’t know if the Killing Joke Joker is the “traditional, slimier Joker,” considering how long the character had existed before Alan Moore came up with his inventive take, but it’s certainly a famous take.) Kind of hard not to think about the recent Batgirl cover controversy, considering that was a reference to the same book.

the advanced viral marketing for these superhero films is getting endlessly annoying. Just an endless string of teases years in advance.

Traditional? The only Joker is Cesar Romero.


I’m confused. I see a normal looking dude holding a camera in front of his face.


Look at the hair. It might be the way Jared is lit from above and behind, but the hair does have a Turqioise/Green hue to it and his face looks rather pale, so probably something between Cesar Romero and Jack Nickolson.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but, by a wide margin, Jack Nicholson is my favorite Joker, and Michael Keaton my favorite Batman / Bruce Wayne.

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That would be true. For me for sure.

I really enjoy both the Tim Burton Batman movies and the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

I love Michael Keaton’s Batman; I love Jack Nickolson’s Joker. I love Christian Bale’s Batman; I love Heath Ledger’s Joker.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to choose… and lucky for me, I don’t!

Can’t we all just hate the rest of the tripe in-between these ones…?
(And pre-hate this Ben Afflack reboot crapola that was being foisted down our throats before Nolan’s films even ended?)

You’re totally right and I’m actually really looking forward to Affleck as Batman, and especially Bruce Wayne.

The movies? Sure. But The Animated Series is between those.

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One thing I like about the Batman franchise is that it works so many different ways. You can spin it for camp (Adam West), gritty realism (the Dark Knight Trilogy), animation (countless adaptations), or anything in between. Batman can wear body armor or tights, brood over his murdered parents or dance the Batusi, fight Jack Nicholson or play a self-absorbed rival love interest in the Lego universe. He’s flexible like that, and so are many of the other characters in the franchise!

So I’m willing to give Jared Leto a shot as the Joker but one thing is non-negotiable. When he’s getting ready to kill or maim somebody he’d better damn well do it with a smile on his face.


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