Javascript dress


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There is Javascript that isn’t malware? I learn something new every day.

(Apologies to the Angular guys in particular - I just couldn’t resist the snark.)


Why did you conclude the dress Javascript wasn’t malware?


I’m just ridiculous enough about JavaScript to wear this. Unfortunately I’m too big. Or the dresses don’t come in big enough sizes. Take your pick.


The second panel seems highly relevant…


It’s a basilisk.


Why don’t they just sell the fabric, then we can make our own clothing that actually fits.


#[STERN LOOKS] towards @Enkita and @digitalArtform


Sadly, it looks like run-of-the-mill mouse button handling code.

I could donate some malware I recently de-obfuscated to the screen printing company, if that would help. I keep getting it in my spam box. It’s really juicy - encryption ransomware with ominous warnings about how screwed you are unless you send them some bitcoins. The number of bitcoins they require is stored as a variable.


That little coda is a masterpiece of comedic timing!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This actually reminds me of a crossword puzzle shirt I had in college. I had a black-and-white flannel that looked like a crossword grid, so I actually made a giant crossword puzzle out of it.



really? I just noticed there seemed to be a lot of repeated code and a lot of string concatenation.


I lived through the IE 7,8,9 and 10 era and I still have the mental scars to prove it. Cut me a little slack, I can remember when web pages were measured in kilobytes.


They would but {Application is not responding. Stop, Debug, Ignore?}


Show me on the dummy’s dress where the bad code encrypted your hard drive.


My birth-announcement was a punch-card:


I approve of this dress. But Perl would have been better, as it comes pre-obfuscated already. Especially if you put a lot of regexes in there.


Just 3-4 years ago I had to expend great effort to get a client to drop “IE 6 Support” as one of their requirements.

They finally had a gentle talk with one senior VP and our billable-hours dropped dramatically.


I thought it was cute, but Ms. Redux was unimpressed: “I wear Erlang or I wear nothing at all.”