Jay Rosen's "Letter to My Network: Join The Correspondent"


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Looks interesting, though I don’t know Jay Rosen and I don’t have a good idea yet what kind of news will be on the site. I’m guessing it will be US focused, even if the site will have a more global perspective than most other news sources. Similar projects that I have backed before first started with producing news and then added the subscription model. I was hooked on their journalism first, and then decided to contribute.

I’ll keep an eye out on the correspondent, but I’m not sure I want to contribute yet (though I’m willing to be convinced one way or the other). I wish them luck.


I do research into digital-born news media at the University of Oxford, and interviewed De Correspondent, the Dutch precursors to this initiative, for a report we published last year.

They’re very impressive people, and this is an impressive attempt to build a model that will fund high-quality journalism without relying on deep-pocketed sponsors, a very difficult digital advertising market, or creating artificial scarcity by putting up a paywall.

I will be joining, and I’m really quite sceptical about news organisations.


As a Dutch person I’ve been pretty impressed by the journalism of De Correspondent. No quick click bait articles, but real investigative journalism.


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