Kickstarting a public radio-backed revival of Gothamist, a beloved site killed by an evil, union-hating Trumpist billionaire

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I’m Spartacus!



Kickstarting vs. Kochstarting. Good luck with that!

Counterpoint from a former Gothamist employee: Their success was built on the backs of writers they financially exploited. Time to move on to publications that actually pay their writers.

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From the Kickstarter page:

New York-based, New York-centric reporting has never been needed like it is today—and you can help bring it back.

I’d say NYC is the only well-served news market in the entire country. I would like to see more news in the media ecosystem from literally anywhere else.


Maybe Dobkin and Chung can pitch in. After all they’re the ones who sold it to the union hating trumpist billiionaire (in part to stop union organizing) in the first place.

Oooh! Goodie! I fully endorse this kickstarter to give money to (checks notes)… the guys who made bank selling the thing to the evil Trumpist.

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