Jazz innovator Wayne Shorter, RIP

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Oh no… Huge loss… One of my favorite players & composers. It sounds corny but he seemed to be on some other plane, like he had a mental tunnel to some other part of the universe. I had the good fortune of seeing him twice, with his last quartet. I was just listening to some Wayne (via Davis’ Sorcerer) but, given my proclivities, that’s not much of a coincidence.


He was one of my favorites and I unfortunately have never seen him perform live. I became aware of him backwards; by discovering some of his later work, specifically the album “High Life” produced by Marcus Miller, who I was searching out everywhere, and then realizing that Wayne Shorter was a part of a bunch of earlier stuff that I really enjoyed, like Weather Report and Miles and Art Blakey.

He’s one of those people who I would have like to have told that they have enriched my life. I’m sorry I never got that chance.


Wayne Shorter was an amazing composer and musician, a real giant of jazz. One of my favorite compositions:


one of the best pieces in the seminal Subway Art book was by QUIK, it has a shout-out to Weather Report. you can see the influence in the letters. this is only half because it’s a full page scan and the piece is a two page spread but this one has the shout-out.


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