Jeff Bezos's letter to the WashPo staff



Dear Repor-… VOLUNTEER Contributors:

After you have completed your mandatory 4-week indoctrination working in one of Amazon’s many vast order-fulfillment warehouses, you may sign up for a desk here at WaPo Online News. There will be a waiting period of 2 to 3 months for a single-rental desk, so out of the generosity of management we have provided a very comprehensive and fair desk-sharing plan (see attached).

Praise your Overlord,
Jeff Bezos


Microsoft had the “decency” to label its media-borging enterprise MSNBC so we’re reminded of who helps call the shots there.

Shouldn’t the Washington Post now be called AmaWashPoZan or something?


A good test for whether Bezos will do anything worthwhile with his new toy will be whether or not Mr. CmdrTaco runs out of there screaming.

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Well I hope he manages the paper well. I grew up with the Post.

The current wisdom says that the internet is killing newspapers, and only by slashing payroll can they survive - but that sounds like the things private equity always says when it’s cannibalizing a business. I really hope Bezos can be the counterexample that destroys that narrative.


First change: stop calling it by the trendy nickname “WashPo” and start calling it by its full name.

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Good thing he’s got that computer science thing to fall back on, because he sucks at writing.




Rather liked this spoof take on it all:


CmdrTaco has said he is not directly affected, he works for a part that wasn’t sold.

Yeah. It’s now WAPO.COM.

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No, no. I think the employees will be well paid. What will change is all those pesky items about how Amazon warehouses are modern day sweatshops. I mean if the WaPo says it’s not true, who are we to raise a ruckus?

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