Jeff Bezos's letter to the WashPo staff





Dear Repor-… VOLUNTEER Contributors:

After you have completed your mandatory 4-week indoctrination working in one of Amazon’s many vast order-fulfillment warehouses, you may sign up for a desk here at WaPo Online News. There will be a waiting period of 2 to 3 months for a single-rental desk, so out of the generosity of management we have provided a very comprehensive and fair desk-sharing plan (see attached).

Praise your Overlord,
Jeff Bezos


Microsoft had the “decency” to label its media-borging enterprise MSNBC so we’re reminded of who helps call the shots there.

Shouldn’t the Washington Post now be called AmaWashPoZan or something?


A good test for whether Bezos will do anything worthwhile with his new toy will be whether or not Mr. CmdrTaco runs out of there screaming.


Well I hope he manages the paper well. I grew up with the Post.

The current wisdom says that the internet is killing newspapers, and only by slashing payroll can they survive - but that sounds like the things private equity always says when it’s cannibalizing a business. I really hope Bezos can be the counterexample that destroys that narrative.


First change: stop calling it by the trendy nickname “WashPo” and start calling it by its full name.


Good thing he’s got that computer science thing to fall back on, because he sucks at writing.




Rather liked this spoof take on it all:


CmdrTaco has said he is not directly affected, he works for a part that wasn’t sold.


Yeah. It’s now WAPO.COM.


No, no. I think the employees will be well paid. What will change is all those pesky items about how Amazon warehouses are modern day sweatshops. I mean if the WaPo says it’s not true, who are we to raise a ruckus?

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