Jeffrey Epstein crony Jean-Luc Brunel found dead in cell

It’s possible that it was a conspiracy, but none of the conditions around Epstein’s death were unusual.

That prison, like most American prisons, is a hellhole of brutality and neglect and incompetence. We just don’t tend to pay attention to the conditions there until they involve a famous person.


Once is ‘an incident.’
Twice is “coincidence…”





Me either; hence, the quotation marks.


The only coincidence is that both men were assholes and cowards who chose the most selfish way to deny their victims justice.


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I wonder what the average lifespan of a child sex trafficker is in prison though. Could be conspiracy, could be par for the course? I’m sure not convinced I’d want to keep on living if I was in either of those creeps’ positions.


Do Andy & Dersh have alibis?


Except lifers don’t care much about alibis. :wink:


Yeah. The pattern is jail is hellish and jailers tend to not care if prisoners kill themselves. We’re only noticing because “child molester kills self” is seldom front page news in most circles. It’s fifth page if that. But someone connected to Epstein? That’s front page, because that’ll generate your clicks and likes and all those things. That story has wheels, as they say.

This is not off pattern or anything unique. It’s what we’ve grown to come to expect from prison systems around the world. The only difference is, in this case, we care who it was because they might have named names.

Well someone skipped over that detail in the post.


No idea the details of what happened, but… prison suicide rates are high overall. Wiki says that in the US, the prison suicide rate is 4x average, which isn’t surprising really. All that keeps us alive is hope for the future and a sense of duty or responsibility we may have to others. Those factors are often gone in prison, and certainly for a guy who is 75 years old, is used to a life of luxury, and suddenly finds himself facing charges that are going to keep him in prison until he’s dead, there is no hope left. He should have been on suicide watch, but how attentive can that really be? Prisons aren’t known for their diligence in protecting the welfare of inmates.

For Epstein, it’s crazy that the FBI didn’t hold him in some special federal pre-trial detention that’s more competent than a typical prison. But, well, they were probably just following policies that apply to typical sex crime cases, when this was anything but typical.


Well, not Beschizza:

Jean-Luc Brunel, a French “modelling agent” accused of trafficking young girls for billionaire sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead in his jail cell this morning, hanged.


This is purely pedantic. But it’s a jail, and it is by reputation measurably worse than most.

That’s a sorta extra fucked aspect of this. Our jails and holding facilities, where people go before they’re convicted and sentenced. Or serve short sentences for minor offenses. Are often times the worst and most abusive parts of our prison system.

The facilities like this around NYC are some of the worst in the nation. The MCC, Rikers, multiple juvenile facilities have routinely made national news for just how bad they are. And have been more than once slated for closure, cause they’re not even worth fixing. But there’s never an effort to create a better alternative, so they just persist with even fewer resources and less oversight.

Everyone just forgets about them cause “oh they’re gonna shut down, that’s solved”.

It’s actually pretty routine and regularly reported. It’s just few sexual predators are as visible and already wrapped up in conspiracy as Epstein.


It was me. I was that someone.


No, they were switched off so as not to provide evidence of the death squad sent there to enact the accide… oooh, right, yeah, sorry… Totally maintenance, yep, maintenance. Nothing to see here.


That’s what I just said.

It’s usually page 5 or later in most cases. But an Epstein associate? Oh, those are child molesters we care about.

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No I really mean as headline, front page news, used as bump for the nightly network news and all that.

Some papers even seem to specialize in it. The NY Post and NY Daily News’ll put em on the cover every day if it’s a slow news week. It’s like Jeanine Pirro’s entire claim to fame, obsessing over pedophiles and celebrating/raging when they turn up dead.

It’s just it doesn’t sink in or register, because it’s so common and it’s rarely anyone as visible as Epstein.

Just like how mass shootings can be the lead story 3 times week and we barely even notice until another big one rolls around.

It’s just noise, another monster dying in jail.

And it’s never a well reported expose on why so many people are dying in prison. Even when it is, that isn’t front page news. Or picked up by anyone else.


Seems like a government owned horror house where suicide is common is actually an excellent place for the state to murder inconvenient people.
They may not even need to murder him directly, just ensure to keep him in constant fear for his safety and the inconvenience takes care of it himself.
Either way the government is responsible, blaming society for a lack of prison reform doesn’t change that.


Especially when you compare it to, say, the Netherlands where they have had to close down prisons owing to not having enough people to put in them. And oddly, it turns out that this is mostly due to treating prisoners like human beings, rather than as profit entries on a spreadsheet.
Yes, there is still crime in the Netherlands, but it’s not notably worse than anywhere else, which suggests that they may be doing something right.