Jen Psaki explains that US oil companies don't really need any encouragement

although i realize this doesn’t do much for people making minimum wage, when gas prices spiked in 2008 they went up to what would be the equivalent of $5.35/gallon in current dollars.

i’ve seen too much in my 60 years on the planet to feel shaken by some of the fluctuations in prices we’re seeing today. when you’ve lived through 14% inflation rates and seen the prime rate at the fed go up to 20+% it’s hard to feel that worried about 5-7% inflation rates and the prospect of a prime rate of 1-2%


Yes. One of the arguments that’s been used against alternative sources is that they’re not economically sustainable without government funding. But oil drilling’s been around since 1859 and is still getting subsidies.


You’re making me wonder what percentage of their profits have been invested in alternative energy since the 1970s. The goal probably wasn’t initially to profit, but to keep development under control. I guess after 50 years of years of playing that game, they want to continue to profit from “new” technologies using what’s worked so well for them in the past.


Renewables are problematic, as they tend to be renewable. Why sell someone a cow when you can instead milk them by selling them milk for life.


Right, and also our car-dependent culture. I wish more people would get more air time talking about the universal benefits of convenient, reliable, safe public transportation when everyone freaks out about gas prices, but, whelp, that’s not really our “brand” as a country. Years ago I traveled extensively all around Turkey for months without ever needing my own car. So the argument against it being practical in rural states is uninformed.

I know what you mean, but this analogy is so tortured :joy: thanks for the laugh!
And I do often think about this (not drinking human milk, but “milking” people) as I watch so much of our commercial culture shift to subscription models so we regular folks hardly get to truly own anything anymore.


Well. She does have small children. So Fox news people…

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