Jen Psaki tests a new kind of Psaki bomb when Peter Doocy asks about Covid originating in a lab

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“Hey Dookie, have you stopped beating your wife?”


(From 2011…)


JFC… he seriously ask for circumstantial evidence that something didn’t happen?


Republicans are stupid. And being stupid, assume everyone else is as dumb as they are.


Circumstantial evidence that SARS-CoV-2 originated outside of a lab:


If it escaped from a lab, there’s a good chance we know which lab it escaped from. It wasn’t created in a lab, but a very similar virus was being studied in a lab. And we would have known a lot more about that lab, and all the information that they had on the virus, since we were contributing a small portion of it’s operating budget until mid 2018. But we don’t have any more information because Trump pulled out our funding and oversight of that laboratory.

And the thing that I really do not understand how anyone could be so absolutely, mind-boggingly stupid to, with full 20/20 hindsight, think that pulling funding from that laboratory and loosing oversight and knowledge sharing from it would be a good idea in May 2020.

Trump Spreads Distorted Claim on Wuhan Lab Funding -

I mean, honestly, I can’t even understand it one bit. I could understand pulling back funding, it coming out, and trying to explain that yeah, in hind sight, it was a mistake. But to go full on and claim that your immoral god emperor king did everything right even after that colossal blunder is just…


Wait, what? What fresh Hell is this? What’s the new pretense they’re using for this old accusation?


What I love most is how much glee the nice lady has when she cuts Doocy’s legs out from under him. You can see it in her eyes. I’d bet that she can’t wait for Doocy to ask his “questions”.


There have been some renewed discussions of older facts; of course, they do not support the right-wing weaponizing of the discussion, nor the conspiratorial idea that the pandemic was intentional. Some fairly prominent scientists who thought the matter bears further investigation just published a call in Science; in a separate interview, one of the drafters explicitly said he was keeping quiet before because he didn’t want to be associate with Trump-created polarization. Here’s the Science letter:

(Just to be clear, none of this supports the idea that there is new evidence, just some renewed discussion of older ideas. Nor does it support any attempt on the part of this Doocebag to link the discussion to policy. Psaki’s response is just right.)


He’s not the only one, I was dragged into this on facebook too. HS friend who was “just asking questions” and felt Fauci, other scientists were staging a cover-up and hiding things. Very Tony Stark eyeroll.


There is a lot of circumstancial evidence that COVID-19 was created in a lab and was accidentally released.

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I saw a fly fly out’a Douchey’s mouth. I did. Prove I didn’t. I dare you.


Circumstantial evidence isn’t.


There’s stupid, “Damn, I screwed up again.”, and then there’s aggressive ignorance, “You don’t know, you ain’t no smarter than me.”


Some people say that Jen Psaki is the coolest Jedi. Her saber skills are tight, she rarely uses more power than necessary to bisect opponents, which she does with calm grace, it isn’t personal, it just is. Anyway, some people say…


They’ve been trying to set the stage for that question for a couple weeks now. I wonder if that Nicholas Wade piece was part of it?

(Separate from the legitimate question of lab origin. Nicholas Wade is a panderer for hire.)

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“A lot” might be overstating it more than a wee bit.


Yeah, no. He seems to think bats are an exotic critter, and doesn’t reflect on one of every five mammal species being a bat. And they fly. They can fly for miles in a single night, and some are migratory. Rats and mice, more famous disease vectors, often spend their lives within a few hundred feet of their nests. And their habitat is being continually encroached on. We’ve had other viruses jump from bats to us even recently in the last couple decades.
They don’t need a lab’s help. If you add in Wuhan being the “Chicago” of China, in terms of it being the big Chinese transportation hub, you have get less surprised that a disease showed up there. ETA: He has a quote from David Baltimore that’s not referenced, other than that he mentions adding it later. I don’t know if that was from an interview or internet comment of Baltimore, when I searched the topic and the comment, everything only lead back to the article by Wade. I’m curious if it was part of a larger discussion.


Also, someone could point out to Dookers that “circumstantial evidence” is, by definition, not very good evidence.