Jen Psaki throws two great Psaki bombs at Peter Doocy when he asks the same dense question twice

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How many people have to die (most of them under the previous administration and even more of them facilitated by the actions and inactions of the previous administration) before you just start spewing conspiracy theories that service the blame game narrative of the right that does nothing to address the current pandemic?!?


To call Peter Doocy a failson is not sufficient without taking into account that his father Steve, the “Faux and Friends” co-host who got him the job, is himself a monumental dimwit.


So. How long before “getting Psakied” becomes shorthand for “got thoroughly trounced in public and made to look like an imbecile”.


Does he expect the US to invade China and surround the lab in question?

And even if it turns out that yes, it escaped a research lab, then what? China did a lot to curtail the spread, they locked down huge ever widening zones around the outbreak, they lost a lot of citizens too.

What he should really ask is “are the similar labs worldwide all under the strongest possible security and safety protocols?” A variant of ebola was discovered in lab monkeys in Virginia in 1990, we are lucky it didn’t escape.


Psaki/Fauci 2024


Yeah, I suspect that a halfway smart reporter would have been asking those questions (about protection at other labs), which would likely require some sort of admission one way or the other about what the administration thinks, or at the very least would produce the sort of waffle that Fox want.
But that would require foregoing an immediate “gotcha” for a deferred one and we know that Doocy is the sort of guy who would always take the candy instead of waiting to get two…

(Mind you, I have to confess that I am leaning towards the lab escape explanation now - Occam’s Razor seems to be swinging a tiny little bit further that way and away from a simple animal transmission - but I genuinely fear the consequences for all of us if that does actually turn out to be the truth. The sane folk will be willing to settle for sane answers, but the insanity media may very well be willing to drag us to war over it, especially given their willingness to do so over imaginary things in the past.)


You’ll note he said “man made” in his question, which to my knowledge there is NO evidence for. The genetic structure is what would be expected in the wild. These guys WANT it to be man made because then it’s a bio-weapon in their minds.

I remember reading about the lab-escape theory last year, and I don’t think it was ever expressly off the table in serious scientific circles. The problem was the people proposing it had axes to grind, and no evidence other than rumor and coincidence.


Jesus, the denseness with which he follows up/interrupts her with the first question shows he’s not getting it (and probably deliberately). She patiently explains that the international effort is required to get all the data for a proper investigation and his follow-up is a Foxian, “How many Americans have to die for you to do a solo (i.e. bad) investigation!?” Christ, what a dumb asshole.

He doesn’t expect anything, as it’s not an honest question. It’s just there to imply the current administration doesn’t want you to know the truth! They won’t stand up to China! The only way to know the truth is to go it alone! (Clint Eastwood! Rambo! Something something! Trump!)

International researchers looking at the covid genome last year all seemed pretty convinced it was a natural virus, and I’ve not yet seen any evidence it came from - either was made in, or escaped from - a lab. I saw someone trying to imply something by pointing out that just before the outbreak, three people from the Chinese lab in question “sought hospital care.” But someone pointed out that means absolutely nothing, especially in a country where primary physician care is done through hospitals, and thus a “hospital visit” would have been required if they needed to get approved sick days - literally all they have evidence for is that some lab workers had seen a doctor in the month or two before the outbreak.


Oooh, ooh, I know this one. 589,000.
Did I get it right?
(Kidding, I know the number is irrelevant, it all depends on who’s in office, but that was fun. Made me feel like…was it Horseshoe? From “Welcome Back Cotter.”)



Arnold Horshack. From “Welcome Back, Kotter”.


I’m lobbying for “getting Psanked.” Back me up. :wink:


I’m getting Psaki’d right now!




There’s a clear difference between questions and assertions phrased as questions.


When it involves Dems, all Fox questions are loaded.


Is it time yet for a talking Jen Psaki action figure? Gonna need updatable memory for all the fresh quotes she keeps lining up.


More like half-cocked.