Jerry Garcia on The Acid Tests - PBS Blank on Blank series


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FUNNY how even Boing-Boing is ignoring the #MillionMaskMarch today.

Like the previous “JANIS JOPLIN” Blank On Blank animation, I’m only struck with this cartoon’s polite, dorky CUTENESS. Taking phone interviews of rock stars and turning them into cartoons is simply peculiar. The ACID TESTS were very important in terms of American culture. Garcia’s phone interview is actually quite historical in thrust. Yet it’s turned into some sort of harmless “SCOOBY DOO” episode. What’s next, a phone interview cartoon with Phil Spector talking about how he accidentally killed Lana Clarkson? - Not everything in the world needs to be transformed into a soothing, reassuring cartoon or graphic novel

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Who else read this as “Jerri Blank something Acid Tests something Blank”?


surprised me

I think there were several posts on it already. I guess you were impatient?

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