Fantastic pins celebrating LSD and The Family Acid

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A groupie for Spinal Tap?

You should’ve included a link to a Frank Zappa’s skit on SNL Night on Freak Mountain! featuring Mr. Window Pane Watson. Skip to the five minutes mark. Heh.

You can watch all three parts and decide for yourself whether the old SNL is way, way better than SNL these days.

While I think it was funnier in the past, that particular skit must set a record for some of the Worst. Acting. Evar. Zappa’s music’s good though.


Oh yeah, fuck yeah!


Thank you! Instant follow. Now to get lost in this account…

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They really made the freaks scarier than the corporate guys. In 1978, you could still pull that off maybe.

What strikes me is how Stonehenge was not covered in security in that picture. The traditional solstice evolved to include barbed wire, helicopters, floodlights, and pervasive surveillance. Because: acid.

It’s great.


His performance that night gave me a appreciation of Frank Zappa’s genius - his writing was all stone-cold sober.

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I met Roger last year, he runs an independent Bob Marley museum out of his house in LA… I highly recommend going if you get the opportunity. He had a great story out of a picture of him, Ken Kesey, and one other, who Ken Kesey was obsessed with. The guy had been struck by lightning two or three times, each time while on the phone talking to his mother. The guy’s a landfill of stories.

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