Watch: the Navy Band surprises Zappa with "Joe's Garage" as he deplanes at SFO

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I thought Zappa credited politicians with the work these poor bastards are engaged in?

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the world is a poorer place without Frank Zappa
that the squares of the Navy Band could square the circle and celebrate such a genius weirdo gives me hope
plus it is a nice brass arrangement


For 3:15 I forgot all about current events and all was right with the world. RIP Frank


This filled me with so much happy.

So that’s when America was great.


Yes, the band members had to go through boot camp and they wear uniforms but culturally, they’re more band geeks than service members.


A most underappreciated American composer, bandleader, guitarist and social commentator. I gotta see this movie.


Notes from the link… it’s a kickstarter, and there was a pitch on OyBay to sell Frank Zappa’s house from 1968 onward which I just learned is 3000 ft from where I lived until the age of 3. Alas, they let it go in August for a mere $5 1/4 million.

But also, the film’s being coproduced by Alex Winters which brings to mind one of the best four word film reviews of all time:

Bill S. Preston, Vampire.

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