Jewish deli documetary charts their decline

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My local Jewish deli…

It’s actually a chain now… Very yummy… My usual order is the eggs breakfast with corned beef hash and a side of fruit!


I’m very sad the deli closest to me had to close its original location. It’s still running in another part of town but the original was a wonderful landmark.


And many of the fabulous delis featured in this six-year-old film are now also gone.

It came out in 2015, tho. :slight_smile:

When we first moved into this neighborhood, there was a good deli right by us, but it’s gone now. They made great bagels, but sometimes I would get up on Saturday and want one…
My favorite deli experience in NYC was at Sarge’s on 3rd ave. I was in town visiting a friend, but solo one evening so I had a late dinner there by myself. Had a whole booth to sit and enjoy a sandwich, bowl of soup and read the newspaper.
Last time my wife and I were in the city, we got there pretty late from our flight from CA, checked in and had pastrami sandwiches at Katz’s two blocks down from where we were staying. They are a thing of beauty.



I can also recommend Ben Katchor’s book “The Dairy Restaurant” which chronicles the rise and fall of the other half of the Jewish dining world. It’s a weird run-on sentence of a book with his illustrations and lots of pictures.

(Are there parve restaurants too?)


I hadn’t seen that trailer or the film in a few years.
I’d forgotten that my old Toronto boss was featured.
Shame he was such a horrible boss.
Probably best he’s out of the deli game and selling mustard last I heard.

Not a Deli per se, but I miss Eisenberg’s. a fantastic fast lunch in a place that scared away tourists.

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Just go to Leibmans Deli on 235th Street in the Bronx

Just off Roosevelt Road near the expressway.


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