Jihad! (not really, just a real complaint)

Such tool exists now, in your user preferences, at the bottom.


Cool! And that’s a pretty neat implementation. Doesn’t end conversation, does empower folks who feel harassed.

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as I said in the first two paragraphs of my very first reply to this topic… (checks calendar) yep.


Adds @system to blocklist.

Hey, neat!


Doesn’t work on staff, of course :wink:

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system Jihad! (not really, just a real complaint) 6 mins ago


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(as an aside, and I intentionally did not reply to the prior end of this thread as communication was not seeming to succeed in any direction) What I had meant was anyone can feel harrassed by anyone, with or without justifying that feeling. Someone else had been trying to explain that to you and had not succeeded, so I was having a try. Not sure I was justified mor than anyone else, nor that it was a good idea I had, but that’s what it was about.

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We can have blocklists?

Edit: ah, found it.

Hey, it won’t let me block myself! Will anything make the voices stop!

It doesn’t work anyway. I blocked system and still get their dumb messages.

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