Ignore feature bug reports

With the new ignore feature now having been deployed, there appear to be a few outstanding issues, and I want to ensure these are surfaced to the Discourse team as a bug report.

So far, I’ve heard that the ignore feature:

  • “glitches” and sometimes shows an ignored comment anyway, and
  • still gives you a notification that there’s an ignored comment in some circumstances

What I’m interested in are specifics - for the two issues above, can anyone provide context as to when this happens, or under what circumstances?

Additionally, are there any other issues with the existing feature set not listed above?

Some of this may be known to the team, but I want to get them as much information as possible when reporting these cases.

If you want to request more functionality or features for Ignore, do so here:



After the last round, I think they corrected the issues I was seeing. The only time a thread remains unread now where I have an ignored user is when their comment is the very last one. Other wise it clears out properly.

I did see ONE glitch this week, where I saw a comment from an ignored user, but it went away when I refreshed the page. If that starts to be a problem, I’ll let you or the discourse folks know…


If a post is ignored, I’d like to see who is ignored without having to expand. Some people I ignore just because I generally find their posts exhausting to read, but depending on the topic I’d like to see what they have to say.

Not having the ability to permanently ignore someone is bullshit. There’s some people that otherwise follow the rules but I don’t ever want to engage with. 4 month limit be damned.

(I guess both of these things aren’t bugs so much as general feedback. Sorry for my reading comprehension fail.)


This. If someone has misbehaved enough to make it on my list, I am not changing my mind just because an arbitrary amount of time has lapsed. Having to redo it over and over is a waste of my time. If I am ignoring someone, it’s not over a single heated exchange, but a pattern of bad behaviour. Since we can no longer tell someone to respect our boundaries, we shouldn’t be forced into repeatedly having to do the labor because we didn’t check the calendar. It rewards the harasser, and punishes the harassed.


I noticed it happens sometimes when there are issues with cookies, but then again, I’ve had it happen even after clearing my cache.


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To be clear, if you want to suggest new features this isn’t the place to do so. You want to do that here:

I’m specifically looking for bug reports about the existing feature, and I’m going to remove comments that aren’t about that topic specifically. As with any topic, you are welcome to open your own if you wish to discuss some other aspect of this feature or moderation (but again, we don’t write the software, so feature requests belong on the link above!)



Can you elaborate on that? Do you mean there’s an issue with an ad-blocker blocking cookies that breaks ignore, or something else?


I’m not sure; I do use an ad blocker, or two. Maybe that has something to do with it.

What I do know is that half the time I can still see certain users’ comments when I shouldn’t be able to, based upon the feature settings I’ve selected.

Which kind of negates the whole point of the feature… which was, at best, only a band-aid on the actual problem in the first place.

We can’t moderate people’s intentions but we could afford site members some agency over whom they allow to engage them, if TPTB chose to do so.


Can we get the off-topics maybe put into a new thread, maybe?


I too, have seen this a couple of times recently - in one case, I noted above (seeing a comment until a refreshed the page). Just today I saw one in a reply line from another poster. These have only cropped up once or twice, though, for whatever it’s worth.


Sure, I moved the discussion into the “fair and balanced” topic, which seemed appropriate.


As always, thank you for your service! :wink:


Fair enough. A title change to “Seeking bug reports for ignore feature” might help set the tone. Sorry to have posted off topic.


Fair - I’ve gone ahead and done that. Sorry for the confusion.


Still seeing Ignored people when they post prior to refreshing the thread.


Me too. It’s not often, just now and again, though.


So, by seeing them, do you mean the post shows up like a normal post and stays that way, or that it shows up, but then is hidden?

I’ll relay this to the support team so they can investigate - if you can share info about your setup (OS, browser, extensions you think might matter), I’d appreciate it - PM is fine. The more detail the better the chance of finding the culprit!


It shows up and then doesn’t get hidden until I manually refresh the whole page or exit the thread and return.

With fast posters, this can result in a few posts.


In the instances I’ve seen it, it shows up, then goes away with a refresh of the page.

I’m on red hat (I’m unsure which version), firefox, and have ad block plus.