Jim – A collection of Jim Woodring’s non-Frank comics work, starring “Jim”


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Oh God, that is beautiful.

I don’t usually buy hardcover comics – I prefer a format that can go in a backpack and get knocked around a bit – but this might be one of those times I have to make an exception.

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So… this is just a reprint of other stuff? Or is there actually new material in here? A lot of this looks familiar. Let’s see…

after doing some research, the Book of Jim (collecting Jim #1-3) is 118 pages, and this is 224. I assume the book of Jim is included in here (it sure looks that way) but I can’t find any info on where the extra 100 pages comes from. That’s the problem with all these comic book collections- it’s usually mostly crap you already have, but you never know for sure!

Another “Wink” book. You guys really do have an eye for the good stuff. :wink:

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Is this the book that Fantagraphics published as part of their Kickstarter project?

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