Jim Henson teaches kids how to make puppets (1969)


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WAY long time ago, maybe 1970, one of my mother’s “women’s magazines” published a official how-to article on making muppets. There were patterns to cut them out of felt, and instructions on making a stage and how to move the arms around. There was a Kermit-like creature and several others.

My sisters and I made a half a dozen or so. I guess my mother sewed them.


My then sixty-something Italian grandmother made a bunch of these muppets as well, for her church’s Christmas bazaar. They were really nicely sewn, but instead of ping-pong ball or felt eyes they had buttons fesooned with sequins. Kermit with glitterly sequin eyes was . . . disturbing.


Jim’s daughter Cheryl published a book with similar DIY ideas for simple puppets.



Jim Henson is a national treasure.


Was a national treasure?


Certainly was a national treasure. Jim Henson came from Greenville, Mississippi (Heraclito and extended family hail from just the other side of the River). Henson would be one of many, many suitable replacements for all those Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis statutes that need to be yanked down tout de suite.


I love this idea…



from Greenville:



How can I know this isn’t Kermit the Frog, operating a Mr. Henson puppet.




But his son Brian Henson, not so much?


Haven’t seen that before - thanks for posting it. Good to see Frank, Jim and Michael together.


No puppet! No puppet. You’re the puppet!


What’s wrong with him?


I was making a lame joke based on your user name. You had to be there.


Speaking of Brian, though:



It flew so much over my head I had to go get a ladder, man…


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