Jo Walton's "The Just Society"


I read a book with the same society “No More Devil on my Back” when I was in middle school. It was the first time I considered that perhaps a Plutonian society wouldn’t be the utopia it seemed to be. Mostly that’s because it would almost immediately be besotted by corruption and people paying to get better test results for their children. Jo Walton’s take sounds even more amazing. Also, if you like this genre - Red Rising has a similar setup in its second 60%.

Athena – who lives outside of time, but is constrained by fate and providence – has heard the prayers of all her worshipers through the ages who have read Plato’s Republic and yearned to live in “The Just City” that Plato attributes to Socrates’s teachings.

People read The Republic and actually want to live in the living hell that Plato describes? SMH.

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I think the book you’re referring to is Monica Hughes’ Devil On My Back.

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