Volk: a sinister, Lovecraftian tale of eugenics, Naziism, and "radiant abomination"

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Volk is the sequel to Eutopia, the brilliant, sinister supernatural tale of the real-world 19th century eugenics movement, written by Canadian horror great David Nickle.


“Juke and Orlok” - ha, I will read both books just because of that!

Thanks, Cory.

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Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I’ve added this and the first book to my wishlist.

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The first one’s good.

I find it interesting that I can immediately identify a David Nickle book by the cover art. He always seems to get a very particular flavour of unsettling for his covers.

I don’t get it? :frowning:

So… chizine no longer sell ebooks directly? Shame, i bought eutopia from there but i don’t use any of those ebook vendors. Though weightless books looks like an option - https://weightlessbooks.com/format/volk/

Weightless are GREAT.

Sweet. DRM free and no need to create an account which is always a plus in my opinion.

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Count Orlok is the vampire in Nosferatu - indeed a “mysterious fellow… who seems to be part monster”.

The pseudonymous Jukes and Kallikak families were touted by American eugenicists as concrete examples of why poor and disadvantaged rural populations should be forcibly sterilized (and indeed, many were). Wikipedia has articles on both; eugenics history is a huge and complex subject, with many interesting parallels to modern Internet Sciencism.


Thank you for that rather disturbing history lesson.

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Don’t look up US government experiments in Puerto Rico, black Americans or Guatemala.


I know about some of those fun times, but am saddened every time I have to add to the historical “America – WTF??” list.

Don’t read this or this, then.

Here, however, is a very entertaining book that will add to the list without saddening.

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