Jobs wanted "a little man in every Mac"

Exactly right.

… Nearly as bad as MS Bob.

And he just wanted to play! Poor Stephen!

(Stephen was my little computer person) :smile:

I actually kind of miss that game!

Steve Jobs also wanted to keep tech salaries artificially low in Silicon Valley (so he illegally conspired with George Lucas and others to do so)


I prefer Edward G Robinson’s little man from Double Indemnity.

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We actually implemented this in the Palm Pilot. Every once in a while, based on a bunch of random stuff happening in the OS, a little taxi would go putt-putting across the screen. (“Taxi” was the code name for the project.) It was mostly random, but could be triggered by if you knew how. We even colorized it when the Palm IIIc came out.


Indeed, confirmed, here’s a picture of it

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