John Edgar Park hams it up (again) in ADABOX unboxing video

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For those who don’t recognize him from the 90’s, the first one is a parody of Jack Horkheimer who hosted video shorts on PBS between shows and brought space and astronomy to the general public. Sample: Jack Stargazer - 3/2/1998 - In like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb - YouTube He was known for his tagline “Keep looking up!”, a nickname “Star Hustler” and introducing things that could be viewed without equipment. He was the executive director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium and passed on in 2010. This was a good imitation of his mannerisms.


Thank you for that context. I have vague memories of watching a tiny man in a Members Only or London Fog jacket standing on a hula hoop explaining night sky. It is only a vague memory, but I remember it from some city’s public access tv, in a hotel, but it could have been PBS between Dr. Who episodes late at night, also in a hotel.

Adafruit is a business well worth your patronage if you’re into hobbyist electronics projects.


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