This homemade 'Star Tours' attraction is quite the experience

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Video link for the BBS


That is a lot of money and time right there.


That’s astonishing work. I bet he didn’t make that in less than 12 parsecs.


what is this guy possibly going to do to top this? he’d better start planning now. pretty awesome.

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‘…as Captain Rex (now DJ R3X over in Galaxies Edge?)’

Captain Rex is now the DJ at Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge, one of the very few places where booze is served inside DL.


It feels slightly weird that I have never been anywhere near a Disney park, but I knew this because Jenny Nicholson taught me.

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Good lord. if this had been available in our neighborhood as kids, we would have freaked out. I mean, if someone had a lemonade stand it was a big deal…!

The Darth Vader walked forward too much, should have kept his distance. Made it a bit awkward, like, is he even trying to get them? But other than that, incredible job.


I’d settle for catching fireflies on a hot summer night, with maybe puffing a decent joint of sensi weed. But I get it, looks like fun.


This guy better be careful, if you think sith lords are nasty sob’s they are pansies compared to disney lawyers!


Wow, Paul Reubens was really the voice of record for sentient spaceships in that era. I wonder if Disney got a package deal.

Wow, I had totally forgotten that it had a completely different voice until it scanned the kid’s 80s-addled brain and ended up sounding like Pee Wee. Still one of the coolest ship designs ever, imo.

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