This trailer for "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser" is so awful that Disney took it down

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Having a Twi’lek singer doing her performances in English just seems wrong somehow.


Certainly seems singers in space might be popular.


This is not the vacation you are looking for.


“Hello Ann Marrow”

Nothing says I’m totally human and not an animatronic being that was poorly scripted like addressing in this way. Like the American version of The Ring “Rachel.”, “Yes, Aidan”…

Ann Morrow Johnson, “Lets get you back yo your star cruiser pod thingy
Sean Giambrone, “That sounds great!

That’s how you want to exit a commercial- leaving your audience with a sense that they would be happier leaving the experience.

This is far from Walt walking around behind the scenes show us imagineers and happy underpaid animators and staff making the Disney magic happen. I liked those long form advertisements, breaking the 4 wall before we potentially immersed ourselves in the meta self referencing wonder that is a Disney experience.

The commercial wasn’t that bad as an infomercial for a dump cake cookbook or any of the infomercials that explain why I should quit my day job to have a side hustle drop shipping items via Amazon so I can invest in crypto. It opens and closes awkwardly. It didn’t give me the wow factor of the immersive and interactive experience.

It’s expensive, but, at the same time, it’s a play where the visitors are opting in to be part of the production. I’m not against it, other than only the wealthiest will be able to partake in it with out incurring debt. It reminded me that we are headed very quickly towards Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, where paid actors will provide interactive voices and live performances to entertain and educate the ultra wealthy. (That is but one small aspect of that wonderful book.)

Maybe there will be a BadLipReading version of this commercial, and that I would happily watch.

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I’ve got a bad feeling about this vacation.


Basically it’s like the Santa Claus visit where the landscape was on rollers. Yes, the environment engineering has changed but it’s the same schtick, different motif. Some people like this sort of thing. People aged younger than twelve… :thinking:

That scene in the 5th Element is polarizing. Some laugh at it - and some think it is really cool. I really liked it.

I mean, that trailer wasn’t that bad. The song was… not very good. I mean, let’s me honest, music made for a specific thing is rarely good.

“We need a song to sing on a space cruiser.”

“Ok, here is your song.”

“Ok great! It’s good, right?”

“It is a song.”

But this isn’t the first time Lucasfilm created a song that they had hoped would be an actual pop hit. While I quite enjoy the original Lapti Nek from RotJ, there was a 12" dance single put out of the song in the hopes it would take off as an actual pop hit.

I think it is sort of like the 5th Element scene - it either is silly to the point of parody, or you kinda like the beep boops and what they were trying to do.


Anyone trying to make for the escape pods without authorization will be stunned.


No, it’s definitely not the one I’m looking for, but I’m willing to bet there’s a couple thousand Star Wars geeks for whom this would be a reasonable facsimile of heaven.

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I’d much rather stay in a Star Trek themed hotel. From one of the more sedate portions of the ST multiverse. Just being able to pretend that I lived in a technologically advanced functioning society for a few days would be a much better vacation.


That looks to be an value added service, at no extra cost…


“Except it’s not a movie! You get to be in the middle of it all and in the middle of the action!”

Also, there is no “action”. And here is your $5,000 bill for 2 nights of no action. Because Disney theme parks aren’t expensive enough.


They could probably mock up a “food replicator” that materializes “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” (But nothing else…)


Aw - the video is unavailable. I would like to hear that. I must have missed it the first time?

Um, you might not want to drive traffic to that guys youtube channel.
He doesn’t exactly seem to be on the side of the angels, just saying.

Edit: To be more specific, the guy is the kind of arch, progressive-baiting troll that Boing Boing has decried on many occasions.


Google “Rex Cantina Playlist” and you’ll find lots of songs. This is one of my favorites- kinda has a Klingon vibe to it.


I don’t understand if the male actor is supposed to be playing an excitable child, but that’s how he comes across. Like, the extra-stagey “GAWRSH” bullshit is so completely offputting.