John Gilmore explains why spying for "the right reasons" is still wrong

If I can get cheaper produce and better-tasting burritos by overlooking “illegal” immigration why shouldn’t I do so? Do your reasoning faculties have any setting besides “agin’ da LAW!”?

No they don’t. Because Gilmore is arguing that certain crimes are ok where others are not. And once we start down that slope chaos ensues. There’s a reason we use the phrase “law AND order”. And there are already plenty of legal immigrants who produce cheap and good food. Illegals just make everything costlier in the end.

I could draw on any number of extreme examples to challenge your perspective. To avoid being accused of “Godwinning” lets focus on a seemingly innocuous one at first: sodomy laws. Do you slavishly study which US states permit sodomy and which do not to avoid receiving and/or giving potentially unlawful blowjobs?

After all, people who get blowjobs are CRIMINALS! Egads! They probably all rob banks too!

The segregationists and slavers would’ve loved you.

Laws should be followed because they are just, not because they are laws.

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