John Lennon called this song "one of the greatest strange records"

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I’ve heard worse, much worse.


Bad indeed. But sort of sincere too!

Reminds me of that whole “outsider music” fad.


They’re no Shaggs.


Put The Shaggs on at a party - they clear the room, but anyone who doesn’t leave is someone you should meet.


Though credited to Rosie and the Originals, she’s clearly nowhere near the recording. I chatted with her some 20 years or so ago. I brought up the B side at which point she abruptly clammed up and walked away without saying another word.
Some time after I was chatting with a pro drummer pal who told me the B side was in fact performed by The Originals led by her guitarist husband. The rancor was so great at their separation all those years before that she was still refusing to acknowledge his existence.
Same guy also told me that the ‘wrong’ note one hears at the head of Angel Baby really was a wrong note and his pal the guitarist then had to learn and perform it that way from that point on.
Stay safe and at home fellow Boingers.


I would compare it with this song:

As I understand it, Carolyn Sullivan’s vocals on “Dead” were a first take, and she kind of screwed up the lyrics and just went with it-- the first verse is spoken, a little weird and awkward, and then after the sax solo she gets into it properly. There is another version of this song with someone else doing vocals over the exact same backing track, and it’s not as good. (Sax player is supposedly some famous swing legend whose name escapes me.)


It’s the blatant off-the-beat vocals that make this so interesting. Did they record two tracks and not sync them well, or did the singer just never catch up?

If you want a more modern example of singing away from the beat, listen to Paul Simon’s So Beautiful or So What (the song, although the whole album is pretty cool). I can listen to that one all day trying to figure out how the rhythm works, and it’s haunting and beautiful.


I wondered about two tracks as well. It’s not just the singing that’s off the beat, either. The finger snapping is not in sync w/ the drums at all. It really is a weird sound. Kinda cool. Kinda not.


I think Ketih Relf’s vocals on this one take the weird award. Story is that Relf recorded one vocal track, and to thicken it up they wanted another as a double but Relf was so drunk he couldn’t remember how he originally sang it, so we get this. I personally love it. Favorite part, his weird yelp at 1:13 during Jeff Beck’s solo.


You’ve changed my world, friend.


Thank me later… or never.


I guess it’s art imitating art.


'ken brilliant.

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Maybe I’m just an off-beat cat, or high on quarantine wine, but I love it! Reminds me a little of the Velvet Underground towards the end.

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Wicked syncopation.

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I was gonna say – it’s obviously a different singer.

The flip side “Give Me Love” is also on YouTube

That’s what the original post is about.

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