John Oliver on Ferguson and police militarization - must-watch video




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Not available for people in the country that gave you John Oliver, unfortunately.


Once again, this has nothing to do with police militarization. This killing didn't happen because of militarization, it happened because of anti-Black racism. The crackdown happened because of anti-Black racism.

The protesters are Black. And they aren't out there complaining about the police "wearing fucking camo" or demanding they put their regular uniforms back on. They're complaining about racism, and the continual violence US authorities have subjected Black people to. Violence they subjected us to long before any of this militarization began. And violence they'll continue to subject us to even if we put an end to militarization. Because once again, none of this has anything to do with militarization.

Stop being ignorant of US history. Stop taking this event out of it's proper context. Stop trying to hijack other people's pain and death and oppression to advance your agenda at the expense of theirs.


Is it possible there's more than one thing going on there? Or do you have the only valid point of view?


Police militarization happened because of racism, too.

mirror mirror, on the wall.


In the words of John Oliver's show: Fuck That Guy. is where you can catch it all, full episodes.


I should really stop watching his show. Each episode is 50% of all posts every Monday and Tuesday.


Have you looked at any images of the protests? "Hands up, Don't Shoot". Again and again and again. That's what the signs say. It's what they're chanting. It's how they're confronting the cops- hands up.

Having a bunch of white libertarian dudes in the media come along and decide this is about militarization, having a bunch of white politicians decide that's what they're going to address, is screwed up. It's at best historical ignorance, at worst, a purposeful dodge to avoid dealing with the real issue. Either way, it's screwed up.


Ahh, thank you for that. I like the Bugle podcast he does with Andy Zaltzman, and since he's hit the big time in the States we've only been getting non-topical re-runs over here.


I think you're right. I think other people might be right too.


Thank you right back atcha. I didn't know that was a thing!


They should just let Zaltzman talk about the cricket until Oliver is available again.

At least it's not Mock the Week reruns. (although, now I say that, I imagine that on Dave they probably are showing those)


@GideonTJones I think that focus is partly justified. Anyone even slightly paying attention is aware that African Americans are unfairly and disproportionately targeted, profiled, arrested and and imprisoned. That obviously needs fixing. With an understanding of that terrible reality, it's easy to see that a militarised police force is going to be worse for African Americans since the group is already disproportionately targeted.


So you believe that John Oliver is either ignorant of racism on the part of police or that he's dodging it? He's not a libertarian or a politician, but he is white, so he probably doesn't get it.


Tons of people don't understand that though. Or don't care. Or actively support it. Either way, it gets fixed by having it seen and discussed. And when you spend your time talking about whether the police are wearing camo or not, rather than racism, it's not being seen and discussed.

Except no. Militarization has not made things worse for Black people. Things were undoubtedly worse back in the day. The events in Ferguson are nothing compared to police violence against Black communities 50 years ago.


"Tons of people don't understand that though."

Stupid people. Fuck them. Most of them aren't here anyway.

Or don't care


Or actively support it.

People who I would physically assault if it was consequence-free.

Except no.

Except yes. The relevance isn't that today's treatment of black communities is less bad than in times past, the relevance is that if pigs have these tools they will use them. If we accept that black communities are disproportionately and unfairly treated by police then it's clear that the pigs' new toys will be used disproportionately on/in black communities.

PS I agree with you on the racism bit, but we disagree to what degree police militarisation is bad for everyone, especially the communities disproportionately targeted.


The video shows that he understands the role of racism here. But then they goes off on this rant about police wearing camo and police militarization as if that's got some role in this all. But it doesn't.

None of this is new behavior by militarized cops. It's part of a long history of anti-black racism, and needs to be understood as such. He, and a whole lot of other White people, don't understand that. But they sure are freaked out about the images of these cops and their gear. And so that's what they're writing about.