John Oliver on the brutal state of sex-ed in America

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We had pretty decent sex ed in the late 80s/early 90s in my elementary/middle/high schools in Maine, somehow. I remember in 5th grade a man came in to talk about living with HIV. When it came to the Q&A at the end, one kid asked “did you get HIV from a man or a woman?” The whole class erupted in laughter for a good minute until the presenter, stone-faced replied “A man.” Dead silence. He was, without a doubt, one of the bravest motherfuckers I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.


I wish it were easier to find the guidelines on that stuff around here. They really hide it.

You can find it through your badges on your profile, I think.

Maybe they do that because they don’t want people gaming the system, but to earn trust levels via real engagement? You’d have to ask @codinghorror about that, though.

We were just talking about this over at the questions thread, mainly, why I’m not at regular level yet.


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That thread just made me realize that I don’t want what I thought I wanted. :smile:

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The question thread? But… it’s shiny and chrome!


I would also like to know…
I mean, I know I disappear for months at a time… but I’ve been around a while…

Join us! Come and ponder the universe or just what your favorite type of booze is in the form of questions!


It seems like you have to meet certain bench marks within a 100 day period? so maybe yours is consistency (you engage when here, but not for 100 days consecutively) and for me, it seems like I just need to read posts and comments?


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I don’t remember what grade it was (probably 5th or 6th), but we also had someone living with HIV come in to talk to us. In Iowa. He said he got it from a blood transfusion, not sexual activity, but it was still a very meaningful experience for the students and I’m quite grateful to the guy for doing it.

In middle school we also had an outside sex educator (who was much more engaging than the awkward health teacher who did the regular sex ed stuff) who was famed for his line about how if a guy tells a girl he’s too big for a condom, she should run away because he’s probably too big for her, too. He’d then stretch a standard sized condom over his fist and roll it down to his elbow to prove the point. And he was a big muscular guy with some serious forearms.


Thank you.

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I’ve never smuggled anything into Canada, but my grandfather and I smuggled a 40 Gallon cooler worth of frogs out of British Columbia to try and colonize the artificial wetland he built in his back yard. I was too young and stupid and he was too old and ornery to understand how profoundly bad the idea was.

It was successful though, for about 3 summers we had delightful frogsong back there, but they were all dead or had hopped away by year 5.

I really hope we didn’t do too much ecological damage. It was tons of fun frog catching up at that lake in Kamloops, but a 40 gallon cooler’s worth is a lot of frogs, like, maybe a hundred or more.


WTF is Zardoz about
watch it again and report back.

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I barely kept my sanity the first time!