John Waters looks at modern art

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I like abstract and modern art. It’s easy to make fun of, but I like to look at a piece and then imagine the work and vision it requires to make that something from nothing. Sometimes a piece falls flat with me, but I can’t blame the artist. They had an idea and made an effort. I don’t believe all art has to scare you, as Mr. Waters says here. I like being wowed, puzzled, offended, impressed, enchanted, etc.


Are we sure this isn’t Knox Harrington, the video artist?


Well, of course John Waters is better at this than Steve Martin so EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME


Lee Lozano was a misogynist.

Yeah, its fashionable to hate on modern abstract art, but there’s some decent work out there. I just wish there wasnt such a cult of peraonality around the art industry, and I wish the prices hadn’t become a substitute for honest reactions to the stuff.

Its a lot like massage therapy for me. Its a valuable experience, I wish there was more of it, and I wish it were less expensive.

If more people painted, if more people did abstract art, its possible we might actually value the eperience more, and hate on artists and dealers less.


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