JOHN WILCOCK: An Encounter with Hunter S. Thompson During His HELL'S ANGELS Book Tour

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I love these comics, great stuff!


I met him when he came here about 1978, gave a talk at one of the universities. He signed my cooy of the Hell’s Angels book.

There was a time when I couid buy used cooies of Rolling Stone, in tge seventies, so I have read sone if his stuff in tgere. I actually bought the digitized collection of Rolling Stone when it was cheap in 2009, but it was missing the disk with the software, so I’ve never used it. Not that I could run the Windows software here.

Previously I asked about LNS and dudn’t get back to the thread before it was locked. I did buy “The Smoking Typewriter” but have yet to read it. I glanced at it and wasn’t sure if it said anything much new. About 30 years ago Abe Peck and Todd Gitlin had books about the underground press, and I bought and read them back then. I put off reading the Typewriter book because it covers the same material. But I will eventually since the topic does interest me.

I at least once met Marty Jezer, of WIN and he moved off with LNS to Vermont. He lived here in Montreal for some years, writing for six months (I think including his book about Abbie Hoffman) and then working in Vermont on solar heating installations the other six months.


Isn’t it kind of weird now to read about the “underground press”, in the age where there’s far more “underground press” than “overground”, on the net.


These are always such a delight, thanks for doing them!


Dear sir: you make me feel a whole lot better about my own retched typing.

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