JOHN WILCOCK: Andy Warhol's issue of ASPEN MAGAZINE and "Loop," the first pressed Velvet Underground single

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In 1966, John Wilcock contributed to ASPEN MAGAZINE, an arts project dubbed “The Magazine in a Box” for its unconventional format. This same issue featured design throughout by Andy Warhol and the first single to ever be released for the Velvet Underground, entitled “Loop”.


The YouTube embed of Loop cuts out early.

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If anyone has a spare $22 500 kicking around…

The Velvet Underground turned into a kick-ass proto-punk rock n’ roll band, but their very early stuff is not an easy listen. IMHO they improved after John Cale bailed.

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Interesting question; does LSD in sugar cubes spoil the taste of coffee?
Anyone here in the position to know who’d like to weigh in?

Also, I didn’t know there was a Fluxus issue of Aspen; I should look into that.

These are always so great, thanks for the update!

You probably won’t taste much different, but a cup of coffee at a normal (ie hot) temperature would most likely de-nature the LSD and render it useless.
It should work just fine in iced coffee however.

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